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Friday, December 2, 2011

holiday snack time

i love me some trader joe's, especially during the holidays.  they bust out with the most fantastical stuff that ever was, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  and knowing that some items are super popular and often sell out, i decided to go and stock up on some yummies to hoard over the next few weeks.  or however long i can make it last.  check out my latest haul:

after a TJ's shopping spree of her own, my buddy AMP tweeted me to see if i'd discovered this yet.  the words "cookie butter" were magical enough to make me drop everything and head to the store, pronto - and i seriously squealed and clapped my hands when i found it.  it's almost identical to my beloved biscoff spread!

my friend tater clued me in on these.  i'd discovered them late last year and only got to enjoy one bag, so when i found them i picked up...a few.

these are delicious, decadent, and dangerous.  seriously, i should probably be ashamed of how much i adore these.  but i'm not.  muahahahahahaha.

this box was a bit pricey compared to the other things i treated myself to, but i rationalized it in my head as i thought of the ILs' upcoming visit home.  i know MIL will dig 'em.

as you can probably tell, i forgot to take a picture of these before we started devouring them.

oh, same goes for these.  oops.

i remembered buying this a couple of years ago and being totally blown away at their deliciousness.  except that i was...a little less impressed this time around.  maybe it's because i've mastered the art of making my own and have become spoiled by the fantabulousness of my own skillz.  oh well, at least the box is cool.

the hub is probably going to smack me upside the head now that i've revealed my secret trader joe's snacking obsession.  or make fun of me for ruining all the hard work i've been putting in with my runs and 30 day shredding.  whatever.  i managed to whittle myself back down to wedding-day weight just in time for wan-niversary 6.0 this weekend!

so there.


  1. Happy 6th to you and the hub! Enjoy!

  2. happy almost twirl time!

    try the dark chocolate minty mallows. they'd go great in a red velvet hot chocolate. just sayin'.

  3. oh god so goooood! Those pretzel slims are heaven.

  4. Must add to the list of things to do: go to Trader Joe's


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