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Thursday, December 13, 2012

never say never

i've officially been a spartan now for almost two weeks.  aside from a headache that made its first appearance the moment i hit the first obstacle and keeps coming back to visit me, i'm pretty much back to 100%.  and while i'm really glad i did it, it's not something i plan to repeat.

or, at least, you won't find me registering for any more spartan races - especially since i'm sure they all involve that awful freezing cold water in some shape or form.  since i'm not really all about cheating death, spartan is something i've crossed off the list in permanent, thick black sharpie.  but i keep reliving the whole thing in my head, and last night i watched the official video.  i've come to the conclusion that i could probably be talked into another obstacle course-type thing again, as long as i didn't have to face any swimming in deep, frigid bodies of water.  you hear that, kelley?  you know you wanna!

and i got my official pictures from the spartan photographer!  they're stationed at the major obstacles and snap, snap, snap away.  they take about a week to sort through all the pictures they take, and when they're ready they provide you with a search engine to find your shots by bib number.  and a sweet perk of this race is that they give you the photos for free.  you choose your shots, place an order that costs nothing, and get a link to download them all.

check these out.  i totally feel badass all over again just looking at them.  barbed wire crawl:

lugging that heavy ass sandbag up and down a hill.

fire jump!

dodging the gladiators who tried to knock me down.  i laugh in your face!

then two hours after the beginning of the race, crossing the finish line behind mr. lilcee and kelley.

did you watch "full house" back in the day?  you know...d.j. and michelle and hot uncle jesse and kimmy gibbler?  i'd read that andrea barber, the actress who plays kimmy, started doing half marathons when i did - she ran tinkerbell in january and hollywood in april, just like me.  and it turns out that she and candace cameron bure (d.j., of course) did this same spartan sprint, only a day later.  she and i are twitter buddies.  well, sort of.  see?

we're tight, me and kimmy.  i could totally be her new d.j.


  1. Not only are they free pictures, they're AWESOME free pictures! Show them off with pride! I have only run one mud run (deepest water was only 18" and not nearly as tough on obstacles as yours), but I keep that muddy picture prominantly displayed on my file cabinet even 3 years later!

  2. I would do another mud run if it was a 5K and no barbed wire. I can't believe I just typed that.


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