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Friday, December 28, 2012

till next year, pixie

saying goodbye to pixie for the year was fun and sad at the same time.  actually, i'd lost track of the dates and had positioned her in front of the advent calendar, reading books to a bunch of stuffed animals.  and then when i crawled into bed, it occurred to me that i needed to set her up to "go back to the north pole" the next day.  crap.

so i got up, printed up a little note for the bean, and propped her up with it.

because i was half asleep, i lacked the creativity to write the letter myself.  so i swiped some text from another site, changed it up just a bit, and here's what we ended up with:

i'd seen other goodbye letters others have done, but this one was my favorite because it gave the bean the chance to hug her little elfette friend.  and wow, that pixie is such a wordy mofo.  damn.

the next morning, the still-ailing bean and her sister found pixie right away.

the bean lit up like a christmas tree when she realized that she was allowed to touch pixie at last.  it was super cute.

then she handed her over to her sister, who played along quite nicely.

one last kiss:

and a hug:

and back went pixie into her landing spot.

i gotta admit, i'm a little sad that our first holiday season with pixie is over.  it was really fun to move her around and put her into all those silly positions, and i kind of miss it.  but i guess that just means i'll get to come up with all sorts of fun new ideas for next year.

and we all know that'll be here in no time.


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