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Thursday, December 6, 2012

playful pixie

i feel like all of the fun stuff pixie the elfette's been doing deserves some recognition.

or, more appropriately, since i've been chortling like a crazy person over it all, i just want to share it.  i'm sure a bunch of you have probably seen my daily updates via instagram/twitter/facebook, so it won't hurt my feelings if you skip right over this post.  much.

also, it would probably be helpful to tell you now that i'll probably do a pixie roundup once a week until christmas.  cool?  cool.  don't hate me.  you can hate the elf, since a lot of people do, but hey - i'm just the middleman here.

the bean thought this was pretty funny.  "look, mommy, pixie drew mickey ears on me!"  awesome.

she's obviously missing the snow back at home up at the north pole.

a little mood music.

i wonder if pixie might opt for a vacay in the tropics when her work here is done.

okay, so yes - this does look a little creepy, i suppose.  work it, pop star barbie.

the bean didn't get this one at all.  "but why is she drinking syrup?  and did she get that candy by opening the little doors on my calendar?"  the teen appreciated it, though.

fishin' for goldfish.  crackers, that is.  while perched atop the reindeer head we bought for the hub at target.

twenty more crazy elfette antics until pixie says goodbye for the season.  i sure hope i've got that many ideas left in my nugget.  thank goodness for the internets, eh?

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  1. you are so creative, we have so far um put him on the tv, the lamp, the other lamp, haha, i need to get into his toys and put on my thinking cap.


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