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Friday, December 7, 2012

no 7-year itch here

i'm referring to, of course, wan-niversary 7.0.

this happened:

and you know you were hoping for this:

for our dinner out with the girls at ruth's chris - the pasadena outlet of our wedding dinner venue - i busted out a new dress that was super comfy and will likely see lots of use in the next few months.

the traditional anniversary gift for the 7th year of wedded bliss is either wool or copper.  WTF was i supposed to do with that when i just wanted to give the hub a new bottle of cologne?  but you know me - i'm pretty resourceful.  so while what he got inside his gift bag appeared to be a pair of wool socks, when he pulled them out the bottle of cologne was stuffed way down into the bottom.  

as for my gift?  i don't give a crap about traditional, especially when it comes packaged in a pink hello kitty gift bag and sports lululemon hangtags.  i was really stoked to pull out a whole outfit perfect for running in soCA "winter" - a pair of runder unders, a half-zip u-turn pullover, an all-sport bra, and a cool racerback top.  i'm super stoked for my new gear, i just know it's gonna make me run faster.

also, i'm pretty excited that our CA reception venue, which shut down a few years ago, appears to have been bought and is being readied for a grand reopening sometime next month.  it'll definitely be the perfect place to have a date night in the new year.

happy anniversary, love.  this is one fun ass ride, and i can't wait to see where it takes us next.


  1. Happy Anniversary...this is totally off subject but have you seent this book? After I discovered your blog I have been reading from day to current I am still in 2009. But I do know now about your love for bacon. Check out this book...http://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Shades-Bacon-Benjamin-Myhre/dp/1479129836/ref=pd_rhf_ee_s_cp_1
    The chicken one has a better opening.

  2. Your new dress is adorable. Where is it from? (from a long time lurker :)

  3. I love how awesome you look in your wedding dress 7 years (7 years?!) later!! WOW!! Happy, happy anniversary!! I can't drive by that Pasadena restaurant space and not think of you two. Here's to many more happy years together!


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