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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3.14159265359 day

okay, so maybe math wasn't ever my best subject in school.  i do just fine these days with a calculator, thankyouverymuch.  but even i couldn't resist the temptation to celebrate "pi day" - march 14th, naturally - in a tiny, silly, but delicious way.  you expected nothing else, right?

but first, the bean had gymnastics class.  and i can't help but giggle at this picture.

i still had a roll of premade pie crust left over from the valentine's day extravaganza.  that made it super easy to create something for dessert that would satisfy the after-dinner sweet tooth for all of us.  and i wanted something cute and easy to eat, so i settled on an easy recipe for hand pies.

i rolled out the dough and cut out circles.  then, because you're supposed to cut some sort of small opening in the tops of pie crust anyway, i improvised with my paring knife.

the filling was easy - some softened cream cheese, sweet marshmallow creme, a little sugar, and a handful of mini chocolate chips.  i don't really love traditional s'mores - i always end up just eating the toasted marshmallow and chocolate - so i left out the crushed graham crackers.  using my pie crust circles, i made little sandwiches, crimped the edges with a fork, and brushed the tops with a little melted butter.  mmmm, butter.

they baked up pretty quickly, and in about ten minutes i had these little pretties:

can you see it?  can you see it??  it's PIE FOR PI DAY!

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  1. Forgot to wish you all a happy St Pat's Day. You had one anyway, I can see.


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