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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


you guys, i'm going to need a 12-step program.

"hi, i'm wan, and i'm addicted to putting my kid's hair up in all sorts of crazy hairstyles."

damn you, pinterest.  because of you, i find myself spending all sorts of downtime looking at website after website chock-full of tutorials for doing cool shit to little girls' hair.  when i wake up in the morning and reach for my phone, it's no longer to check e-mail or catch up on twitter.  oh, no.  nowadays it's to look at my favorite sites and decide what i'm going to do with the bean's hair that day.

now, i'm not saying that i send her off to school or whatever with a perfectly coiffed head.  but i'm usually pretty satisfied with how it comes out.  like this one:

or this.

incorporating braids in different ways seems to be my favorite thing to do.  her hair tangles really easily, so if i brush it all out and then twist it into braids, brushing it out after bathtime isn't so difficult.

i'm also pretty excited to report that my french braiding skillz are improving.

 oh, and in case you'd forgotten what she looks like from the front:

i guess i better get it all out of my system now, before she starts refusing to let me do this kind of stuff.  luckily, i think she loves the attention she gets from teachers and aides at school.  one lady even came up to me to say that she takes a picture of her hair every day and sends it to her (grown) daughter.    maybe i should've thought that was creepy, but instead i took it as a compliment.

she's not the only one who digs attention.


  1. Love all the hairdos. Another of the many talents you have! Pretty model as well. How 'bout some of B's?


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