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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

international grub

the fact that i'd gotten up at the asscrack of dawn and ran 13.1 miles didn't stop me from enjoying our last full day in orlando.  heck, no.  we had one more day's worth of playtime at disney world left on our passes, and i was gonna take advantage of it, dammit.

so after a quick shower and another ride on a disney bus, we headed back to the place i'd just left an hour before:  epcot center.  and yes, i absolutely did wear my hard-earned medals.

given the choice between the "future world" area and the world showcase, the latter won out - mostly due to the idea of eating and shopping our way through eleven different countries, all in one afternoon. plus, i like that each section is full of cast members who hail from that particular country.  adds a little authenticity to the whole experience, yes?

since we live relatively close to the border, mexican food is always within reach.  but it didn't stop us from hitting up "mexico" as our first stop - for a margarita.  duh.

in norway, the hub and the teen checked out one of the few rides in the world showcase while the bean and i waited outside.

in the karamelle-kuche bakery, we picked up some sweet treats:

up next:  china.  we were all craving some dim sum, but it was nowhere to be found - and besides, we can get that deliciousness at home too.  and at much better prices than what disney would likely have charged.

but it wasn't a fruitless stop - the bean got to meet mulan, and we saw some pretty good replicas of the famed terra cotta warriors.

in germany, the hub hit the jackpot:

and so did this duck, who was the lucky recipient of bits of pretzel tossed by the bean.

she sniffed disdainfully at her daddy's drink.  "ew, that stinks," she said.  indeed.

yes, i am a dork.  as if that were ever in question.

yay for 'murrica!

japan offered up quick-service sushi that looked rather costco-esque, but was still pretty tasty.

the bean made a few more friends:

as did i.

we didn't have anything to eat in morocco, but the teen got herself a fun little temporary souvenir.

when in france...we eat crepes.  but if you come here, skip it.  it wasn't very good.  like, at all.  like, i could totally make better ones at home with my electric crepe maker.

in the UK, the hub grabbed another adult beverage in the pub.  we passed on the fish & chips, but found some really cute t-shirts.

and there was this.

o canada.

the teen and i had tried to get into a meet-up hosted by the disney parks blog for that afternoon, during which a bunch of lucky peeps would be treated to a screening of the not-yet-released "oz, the great and powerful."  i'm sure they were the recipients of some other cool, fun stuff - but sadly, we didn't get in.  instead, we settled for a look-see at the brand-new "land of oz" garden and play area.

at the end of the yellow brick road was a really cute area for the littles to climb, explore, and run around.

we had dinner at downtown disney that evening, and then headed back to the hotel to get packed and rested up for the long trip home the next day.  it was a really fun way to end our whirlwind disney weekend, and i had one more surprise in store for the bean that i knew she'd absolutely love.

till next time, disney world.  i wonder how long it'll take before we get to come back.

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