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Thursday, March 21, 2013

jumpy mchopperson

the teen and i are always on the lookout for fun new ways to work out.  for her, it's a mission to look extra fabulous in her prom dress.  and for me - well, it's just to keep exercise interesting.

so when i spied a groupon deal for fitness classes at a local indoor trampoline park, i was intrigued.  and after we sat down and looked at their website and watched a video promoting the class, it took all of about two seconds to hit "buy."  we haven't actually registered to start the classes yet, but with nothing else to do on st. patrick's day, we decided to take the bean and check the joint out.

just like going bowling, we had to wear their shoes.  that is some sexy ass footwear, am i right?

you pick a session time and have a choice of 30, 60 or 90 minutes.  i somehow ended up wearing the bean's sticker.

she didn't seem to mind, though.

the main court was pretty crowded with older kids and groups of guys who were jumping about ten feet in the air and doing flips and shit.  it looked dangerous as hell.  so we decided to start off here:

and because we were jumping, all of our pictures are blurry.

there was also a giant foam pit that looked like fun, plus two separate dodgeball courts.  from reading the signs posted around the center area, they have leagues and host games on a weekly basis.  sounds like fun, but these old bones are too rickety for shit like that.

we jumped around those trampolines for almost the full hour, and i was ridiculously sweaty and hot (not the good kind of hot).  clearly, this makes for a good workout, and when you add in the instructor and different exercises and things - i'm thinking these classes are going to be super fun.  i can't wait to get started.

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