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Thursday, May 23, 2013

do a little dance, make a little love

i'd say that aside from the fabulous hotels that we get to enjoy on the hub's clients' dime, my most favorite thing is that they always toss in activities to keep us happy during the day.  at the ojai shindig, we got to choose between a round of golf (yawn), a 3-hour olive oil and wine tasting tour (a little better), and a day pass to the resort's award-winning spa - plus a 50-minute relaxation massage.

well, duh.

the short walk between our room and the spa ojai was lovely.  and as we strolled along at a leisurely pace, we spied the fleet of golf carts that was reserved for our group.

oh, hello there.

i managed to keep myself from falling asleep during my treatment, and then kicked myself for not putting my bathing suit on to take advantage of the various saunas and hot tubs.  instead, i stepped into one of the showers to wash off some of the lotion that i'd been slathered down with and just stood there under about four different shower heads.  funny how luxurious plain ol' hot water can feel when it's coming down at you from several angles and levels of pressure.  so relaxing.

the hub and i decided to venture out of the resort and check out the quaint little downtown area.  we found ourselves wandering through a cute little antique shop, which was stocked with all sorts of...stuff.  we're talking super duper random ass items here, people.

i thought this piece was pretty cool, though:

and why?  well, at the bottom right corner was this:

it wasn't exactly something i could talk the hub into, though.

speaking of the hub, this was just down the street.

we decided to venture elsewhere for lunch, though.

tri-tip panini, hawaiian burger, and truffle fries.  yum.

our room had been spruced up a bit in our absence, with a little something for the evening's merriment waiting for us on the bed.

while the hub opted for a little poolside relaxing:

i decided i'd get a little workout in.

getting ready for that studio 54 party was easy.  i'd polled my twirlie friends for ideas on what to wear, and the suggestion of ordering a genuine halston frock from rent the runway was the winner.  i actually ordered two different dresses - the first being this classic retro style:

but i ended up liking the second dress much better.  i had serious concerns about the length - or lack thereof - but it really was much more flattering than the first dress.

the teen's sparkly black platforms that she wore to homecoming this year came in very handy for this ensemble.  it was about as 70s/studio 54ish as i was willing to get, although the hub - typically quite anti-dressup - took it to a different level.  voila - our arrival on the red carpet:

this group really did go all out.  signature drinks, girls on roller skates, afros galore.

but that was nothing.  heading inside the ballroom was most definitely like taking a time machine back to the 70s:

i think the most amazing thing i can report here is that the hub and i actually spent a decent amount of time shuffling around on the dance floor.  i'm truly a terrible dancer, but it was really fun to get out there and shake my booty along with the rest of the party.  and they had a great cover band who dressed for the occasion and belted out some of the best tunes of the era.

but all that dancing really took a toll on these old bones.  my feet were absolutely aching by the time we hobbled back to our room.  it was such a relief to pull those puppies outta these torture devices.

guess that's what you get when you get down tonight.

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  1. how freaken awesome, relaxing, and FUN!!

    i want to be you when i grow up :)


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