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Monday, May 13, 2013

just like her mama

on friday, i was treated to an early mother's day celebration at school with the bean.  it was kicked off with the annual "spring sing," where she and the rest of her classmates paired up with one of the kindergarten classes for a performance using these:

i usually balk at leaving her crazy long hair down because it gets so tangled, but she decided this week that that's how she wanted to wear it to school.  plus, she's developed a taste for cute flowered headbands since her friend mini cee showed up for our playdate wearing one.  girls, man.  sheesh.  and so i've been having some fun trying out different braided headband-type styles on her that i hadn't had a chance to do before, like this:

i cracked up when i found her selfie that she took on the way to school that day.  i just don't know where she could have possibly gotten this.

then it was time for brunch.  just by looking at this picture, i'm sure you can guess that i opted for a bagel.  heh.

when we'd all gotten our fill, the kids were released for recess before returning to class for some "fun centers."  we got to work on three little projects together, which turned into cute mother's day presents for us.

she makes funny faces while she works.

while she worked diligently on a lovely photo of me, i got to play with foam stickers and decorate a frame to put it in.

we had one final gift to open before it was time to go, leaving the kids to get back down to the business of learning.

btw...it's a candle.  i know you were wondering.

hope everyone's mother's day was wonderful!

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