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Thursday, May 2, 2013

pinktastic cookies

what do you get when you mix a box of cake mix, cool whip and an egg?


i found this really, really odd.  and because of that, you know i had to give it a shot.  i was looking for something easy to make, and pinterest almost never lets me down.  i'd pinned this recipe not too long ago, and after picking up a box of pink lemonade-flavored cake mix, i got to work.

although everyone else seemed to like them, i'm not 100% satisfied.  they have a fun, light, fluffy flavor that i did like, but i think i may have pulled them out of the oven a little too soon.  so i'll file the recipe away and pull it out again when i need something quick to satisfy a sweet tooth.

besides, i'm thinking it would be pretty delicious with different cake mix flavors - chocolate, red velvet, strawberry.  the possibilities are endless!

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