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Friday, May 24, 2013

mini cee, kay-ee-why.

why?  because we like you.

one of the bean's favorite people in the whole wide world, sweet little mini cee, turned 4 yesterday.  the hub and i zoomed home from our ojai getaway in order to meet up with MIL and the girls at travel town, the venue for mini cee's birthday bash 4.0.  when we got there, the party had just started and they were already out and about, exploring the trains on display.

another bonus was finally catching up with nanette and her family, who moved back to the l.a. area a few months ago.  it was really fun watching the bean and em reunite and get reacquainted.  obviously, it didn't take long for them to remember how much fun they have together.

lilcee had done a fabulous job as always with the decorations.  avoiding the obvious "thomas the train"-theme typically done at this park, she opted to follow mini cee's girly style, with some disney thrown in for good measure.

joined by dailygluttony and her family, the kids had a great time together with the help of a cart borrowed from the city of los angeles.  it was comical watching them take turns pulling each other around.  reminded me of mini cee's party last year.

time for cake!

we were sad to have to leave the party early, but the bean's annual gymnastics showcase was that same afternoon.  of course.  but we were happy to have been able to join in the fun for a little while, and now that we've seen once again how much fun the kids have together, we'll have to plan more playdates soon.  i mean, how cute is this?

then on mini cee's actual birthday we met up with lilcee & co. at disneyland.

lilcee and i indulged in an adult beverage before sucking it up and waiting forty minutes for the toy story ride.

happy birthday, mini cee!  hope you're making the most out of birthday princess week.

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