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Friday, June 7, 2013

gifty-gift time

i wanted to come up with a decent end-of-the-year gift for the bean's teacher.

okay, maybe i didn't really NEED to do this, but i really wanted to.  the bean has blossomed over the last year in her class, and she's been a really phenomenal teacher.  i suppose it's easier to give the kids that much individual attention when the class only consists of 9, but still...she's awesome.  and i found out that she's leaving the school to move portland, where her family and her soon-to-be fiancĂ© are.

except that we just had teacher appreciation week last month, as well as her birthday.  i feel like i used up all of the decent gift ideas back then.  well, maybe they were cheesy as all hell, but we had fun with it and had a little present for her every day that week.

monday, we bought her lunch:

on tuesday, a bag full of her favorite sweet treats.

for the bean's wednesday piano lesson, i sent her in with a tiny something for that teacher.

and this was that day's gift for her teacher.

thursday brought her a little bookmark shaped like a bee (which she collects) and a gift card to barnes & noble.

for the last day - starbucks.

then for her birthday, we gave her a lovely silver stella & dot necklace with a little apple-shaped charm on it.  super cute.

so i didn't end up putting anything together for her after all.  the bean wrote her a cute little letter to thank her for everything, and all of my teacher friends always say that a nice note is good enough anyway.  i figure she's got a lot of stuff to pack as it is, and she looked thrilled when the bean handed her the letter she so painstakingly sounded out and wrote in her careful printing.

hell, i always love the bean's little notes - and i get those things every day.  so there you go.

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