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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

runner's holiday

yesterday was this:

i am such a freak. seriously. i honestly had no time to squeeze in a run, but in my own head i just couldn't let the day go by without "celebrating." but i had the bean's kindergarten rodeo at school starting at 9 and going all the way through till 1:30, and it's too effing warm (for me) to head out later in the day.  

but then i woke up at a stupid hour despite staying up till the wee hours working on a craft for the rodeo.  so i decided to get up and get at least a quick couple of miles in before the bean got up for the day.

i love these shoes. i'm not typically a nike girl when it comes to running footwear, but i'd tested these out on a short run once before and did just fine.  i read somewhere that the nike free line offers a good entry level shoe for testing out the "minimalist" type of running.  while i'm not looking to join the ranks of those crazy folks who run in those creepy-looking vibram shoes or, god forbid, completely barefoot, i thought it might be mind of cool to give it a shot.  another article said that the super duper comfy cushioning in most shoes can lead to injury because it leads to heel striking. apparently this is B-A-D.  anyway, aren't they cute?

i rocked my hollywood half hat and my favorite workout top.

so yay for national running day!


  1. A friend of mine swears by the toe shoes and will never go back to regular shoes...they are incredibly ugly though.


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