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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a cautionary tale

the one thing that sucks the most about the bean watching anything other than disney junior is that no other channel is (mostly) commercial-free.  so whenever she's getting her spongebob fix, or checking out my little pony on something other than netflix, i'm subjected to "mommy!  oooh, can i have one of those?" every five minutes or so.

i guess i shouldn't really talk though, because i've definitely been suckered into my fair share of infomercial purchases.  there was tae-bo back in the day, along with some shitty victoria jackson makeup, countless kitchen gadgets that were a total crapshoot.  and so when my little ice cream fiend saw something called "ice cream magic" on tv and pleaded with *those* eyes...well, let's just say she caught me in a vulnerable moment.  and yeah, those aren't exactly few and far between.  shut up.

a solo trip to the mall one day in search of something for her to wear to an upcoming wedding also included a stop in a store that stocks nothing but "as seen on tv" products.  you know what happened next.  and the sheer joy on that little face was totally worth the $12.99 plus tax.


she read the directions to me, pored over the various flavor recipes, and begged her sister to go out and grab the few ingredients we didn't already have.  since the teen is just as much of a sucker for the bean as - well, any of us are, she found herself in the car heading to the nearest grocery store.  when she came back, they worked together and measured the stuff out to make the first portion of homemade, hand-shaken ice cream:  chocolate, of course.

and then they both took turns shaking the shit out of that thing for the specified three minutes.

i don't know what went wrong, but even after all that shaking the ice cream didn't quite turn out as it should've.  but the bean didn't care - she dug right in and claimed to love every goopy bite.

moral of the story?  if it sounds too good to be true...turn that damn infomercial off already.

you're welcome.

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