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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

getting rid of the "sugar bugs"

with a week to kill between returning home from europe and the beginning of the bean's first session of summer school, the first order of business was getting the bean's dental issues taken care of.  since her last visit to the dentist had been nice and easy, i tackled the appointment solo.  i usually require moral support for things like this, which the hub is always happy to provide, but the bean was all easy breezy about it.  after i assured her about 98340387532 times that she wouldn't have to endure any shots, that is.  and so we got up early one morning to brave the traffic on the way to her 8:30am appointment.

luckily, summer often means lighter traffic - plus access to the carpool lane.  we pulled up at the dentist's office with time to spare and checked in with the receptionist.

she was pretty excited to see that the movie on the screen above her was one of her favorites.

pediatric dentists are the best.  she was at ease with him and nodded enthusiastically as he filled her in on what she could expect during the next 45 minutes or so.  i'd explained to her that she'd probably be breathing in some air through a mask while they did their job to fix her teeth, so she was prepared for when it came her way.  the dentist let her pick which "flavor" of air she'd get to breathe in, and when i heard the choices (bubble gum or strawberry), i just knew she'd go with option A.

sitting across from her in the corner of the room, i could smell the sweetness of the nitrous oxide she was taking in.  she was visibly relaxed and engrossed in the movie, which made it easy for the dentist and his assistant to get their job done.

less than an hour later, the bubble gum air was turned off and she was a happy camper with a "pillow" for her "sleepy teeth" to rest on.

in the car, she showed me what she'd selected from the treasure chest and then marveled at the weird feeling in her mouth.  "i can't feel my lips, mommy," she said.

i can't look at that picture and not cackle really loudly.  it was so funny, and she giggled right along with me.  luckily, it only lasted for about an hour and then she was back to normal.

back at home, we busted out the travel board games that she's become addicted to.  and pretty damn good at, i must say.

oh, those faces.  they kill me.


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