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Thursday, July 18, 2013

magic's in the makeup

with the teen's focus shifting on life after high school, we decided to explore an option that really appealed to her.  her timing couldn't be better, honestly, because an expo highlighting what she was most interested in came to nearby pasadena just as she was starting to look into it:

lilcee had very generously offered to watch the bean for a couple of hours, which made life a lot easier as we made our way to the [super pricey] makeup extravaganza.

inside, the expo floor was pretty packed with exhibitors, pros, lookyloos like us, and models from various cosmetic lines and makeup schools.

the ever-popular mac was present, with a predictably crazy display.

we were completely overwhelmed at the sheer sensory overload.  there was so much to look at, and with pretty much zero knowledge of what was good and what was crap, we kept purchases to a minimum.

however, we did manage to speak to a good handful of reps from makeup schools and made an appointment to meet with the director of one that really caught our attention.  we'd already visited one school where the director was completely full of himself ("it would totally be a privilege to come here!") and knew we needed to explore other options.

happily, that tour went really well and the teen has already completed the certification program.  she's on the lookout now for established makeup artists needing an apprentice, or models trying to build a portfolio.  maybe photographers looking for a makeup artist to team up with for photo shoots?

so you know, if you know of anyone...hook a sista up, will ya?


  1. Wow, that's fabulous! More power to the teen! See you soon.

  2. How about brides needing to look pretty(er than normal) on their big day? ;)

  3. Way to go teen! She should check out some boudoir photographers in the area...they almost always offer hair/make-up...even if they have a person already, maybe she could get hooked up with them to apprentice.


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