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Monday, July 15, 2013

farewell, finn

i am still reeling from the awful news that cory monteith, glee's "finn hudson," passed away this weekend. we all know how much i love glee - even now, when it's gotten kind of lame and weak - and finn was always my favorite character.

my friend interview is making himself known in his industry and is really starting to add some well-known names to his portfolio. cory was one of his interviews while on a mini tour with his band, bonnie dune, and one of his stops was a venue in anaheim called chain reaction.  interview has worked here plenty of times before, and he would've been able to get me in as his assistant so i could've met cory, but it didn't work out.  i was so sad.  you can see a bit of the show here:

interview was able to snag a signed poster for the teen, and she still has it in her room.  he said that cory was one of the nicest guys he'd worked with.

she and i were sitting around on saturday night just watching tv and browsing our twitter feed, and when one of my friends who's a reporter for the l.a. times posted a link to the breaking news, we refused to believe it.  except that that friend is totally legit and isn't one to spread around unsubstantiated rumors, and her source was indeed a huge canadian news outlet.

we watched the live press conference from the vancouver PD, and were both crying by the end of it.  i realize that to a lot of people it's "just another celebrity death," and likely from a drug overdose, but it still saddens me immensely.  here was a guy who had so much to live for - a great career, a beautiful girlfriend who loved him, friends and family, a huge fan base.  and yet the demons that led him to drugs from the age of 13 managed to get ahold of him and take him down anyway.

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