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Friday, July 26, 2013

playdate fit for a princess (or three)

after the dance recital this year, we had a break from ballet/tap class that lasted for a couple of weeks.  because the girls have such a great time together (as do their moms), we decided to get them together for a really fun playdate at sweet & sasse princess tea parties.  granted, i still hate that business name with the fire of a thousand suns, but i knew the bean would absolutely adore a return visit - especially with her friends.

it'd been over a year since the first time we came here, but it hasn't changed a bit.  it's still really cute and super duper girly.  the bean felt compelled to drop into a curtsy when she walked in.  hey, why not?

she and sassy jr. had a great time riffling through the extensive rack of princess dresses, and although i would have bet money that she'd pick a disney dress, she surprised me and went the barbie route.

"oh, this ring and this bracelet will look lovely with my dress!"  not even kidding.  those exact words came out of her mouth at this precise moment.

she didn't have to be asked twice to take a seat and have her hair styled and glittered up.

oh, and let's not forget the matching high heels they selected.

well, come on now.  you knew there'd be at least one selfie in here.

how cute are these two?  i mean, really.

in the meantime, rocky and her girls (plus their older brother, the most patient 7-year-old boy i've ever met) had arrived.  while the bean and sassy jr. sat down and worked on a few simple crafts, rocky jr. and her little sister mini-roc got their princess treatment.  it wasn't long before the bean found the few masculine props that were tucked away underneath the princess dress rack.  on instagram, the caption for this picture was something like "this girl needs no stinking prince to rescue her."

oh, also?  the way she never passes up a chance to pose for a camera absolutely slays me.

unlike the last time, the girls were treated to a plate of snacks - mini chocolate chip cookies, gummy bears, and lemonade.  it was funny to watch the bean pick up her cup oh-so-carefully - pinky up, of course.

as they munched, they listened to a story.

and when that one was done, the bean decided she wanted to read a story to her friends.

before they transformed back into the little girls they'd arrived as, we managed to get a group photo.  i love how sassy jr. has her leg popped in this one.

i know there's been all sorts of backlash over the years about the whole "princess" thing.  people complain about how they don't want their daughters to grow up thinking that their looks mean everything, they need a prince in their lives, pink is evil, princesses are shallow.  horrors, they're anti-feminist!  blah, blah, blah.

honestly?  i think that's stupid.  these girls aren't going to grow up thinking that all they have to do is look pretty and find a cute boy to marry and live happily ever after.  they're going to be smart.  strong.  savvy.  successful.  independent.  incredible.  they'll rule the damn world, and don't you ever doubt them for a second.

besides, they've got mothers who won't ever steer 'em wrong.  trust.


  1. how adorable!!!

    i LOL'd so hard at the little boy looking SUPER unimpressed! haha

  2. I completely agree with you about the anti princess movement. I watched all films as a kid and I have no misguided emotions about how much I'm capable of as a woman. In fact, I feel that it gave me the courage to follow my dreams.

    Bean looks adorable!

  3. To tell you everything I think re princesses would take too long.

    That boy deserves a medal.


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