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Friday, September 13, 2013

don't take breathing for granted

this bronchitis, man. it is seriously the suck. i already went to the doctor last week and got some meds, plus this new toy.

i'm so lame, you guys. because this thing is totally foreign to me, these words actually came out: "this goes in my mouth, right?" the doc looked at me sideways and said "yes, and the pharmacist will give you specific instructions on how to use it."

so anyway, i got through the five days of the steroids that were supposed to help get my lungs back to normal and i was using that inhaler even though i didn't feel any better with it. but the coughing just wasn't subsiding at all, and i just kept feeling shittier and shittier. and so i took my happy ass back to kaiser to see a different doc and get checked out again. 

while the nurse went through the check-in routine (weight, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen), i was really surprised to find that i was down another four pounds from the last visit less than a week prior. and i'd already found that i was down three pounds during that appointment! shit man, this bronchitis is better than weight watchers for weight loss. 

before you smack me, i'm kidding. sorta. i mean, i'd definitely rather not be sidelined with this crap. but i guess i'm not really complaining about this little side benefit. heh. 

after listening to me wheeze and hack and basically suffer through his very basic examination, the doc had me go to radiology and get a chest x-ray. 

i even had difficulty holding my breath for the five seconds it took for each x-ray, but we got through it. after that was done, i got nebulized.

happily, the x-rays came back clear - no pneumonia! and so I walked out of there with two more prescriptions, plus a nighttime cough syrup and a spacer to help that inhaler be more effective.

but i am dying here, people. i haven't been able to do any kind of exercise in over a week. i feel flabby. hell, i couldn't catch my breath after climbing three measly flights of stairs. plus, the doc said i needed to give it at least another 5-10 days before trying a run again. then last night, i coughed so hard i barfed for the first time in i can't even tell you how long. ew, it was gross. and during one of my coughing fits, the teen looked over at me and said "dude, your life SUCKS." indeed.

oh man. that nike half is gonna be fuuuuuun. not. 


  1. Feel better soon! Hopefully, I'll see you at Nike! :)

  2. Have been sending you healing energy. Feel better! Light and love!

  3. Feel better...we have an actual nebulizer with albuterol if you need it :) Let me know!

  4. Feel better...we have an actual nebulizer with albuterol if you need it :) Let me know!

  5. Alright, I think I've been a lurker for over five years, ha, but I have to comment. I have been in a similar situation in the past and one thing that helps me, besides the inhaler and codeine cough syrup for at night, is steam. I get a hot bowl of water with mint tea/leaves in it, put a towel over my head and bowl and just take deep breaths. It really helps open my lungs up, so I thought I might suggest it. Also, I know it's difficult now that you're all athletic ;), but try to avoid climbing three flights of stairs. I know you are missing your activity level right now, but your lungs need a break. I love your blog though, if that helps. LOL

    1. thanks for the tips! i'm going to try this steam thing tonight. shit, i might try it now.

      *cough, cough*

    2. I really hope it helps! Feel better already!


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