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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

just keep dancing like we're 22

a couple of weeks ago, the teen and her sister got to spend some quality time together while the hub and i enjoyed a rare date night.

we started with a lovely sushi dinner that took so long, when the check arrived it looked like this:

we stuck a fat tip in there and scooted out to part 2 of our evening out here:

who were we going to see, you ask?  well, here's a hint.

we'd scored some pretty decent seats via stubhub, and after seeing where they were the hub indulged me in my need to add to my concert t-shirt collection. the line was nuts, but we knew it would be worse after the show. 

as we stood there peoplewatching and waiting our turn in line, a familiar figure walked by. it's hard to tell from this picture, but that right there is cindy crawford, 90s supermodel extraordinaire. 

of course, right as we joined the line we heard crazed squeals from inside the stadium as the opening act, ed sheeran, took the stage. we made it back to our seats in time for his last song. 

as soon as the lights went back up, event staff went to work setting the stage for the main event. 

taylor didn't make us wait too long.  in no time, the stadium went dark and it was showtime.

a few songs in, her dancers picked her up and carried her through the crowds to a second stage behind us, which i thought was pretty darn cool.  gave the folks on the other side of the audience an unexpected close-up view.

she brought her friend ed back out and they performed a song together.

and then this contraption basically dropped down out of the freaking sky and she climbed in to float over our heads back to the main stage.

there were lots of costume changes.

 she also brought out two surprise guests - cher lloyd and sara bareilles.

and then it was all over.

i'm sure i'll take some shit from some folks over this one, but i like t-swift.  her music is fun and catchy, she's got an outgoing, bubbly personality, and you know what?  she puts on one hell of a good show.  it was fully entertaining from beginning to end, and the hub and i had a great time.

and this is nothing.  just wait till i recap my final concert of the summer.  oh, i can't wait.

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  1. This is where I brag that Taylor Swift's guitarist/violinist/backup singer Caitlin is my BFF from middle school. :)


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