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Monday, September 9, 2013

running is more fun with friends

i'm kind of doing this out of order, but do you really care?  i don't.

the disneyland half marathon weekend, like all other run disney events, incorporated a fun run for the kiddies that took place on saturday morning.  we'd been lucky enough to crash in kelley's hotel room at the paradise pier hotel, which made life so much easier for us.  on our way to downtown disney for the race, the kids stopped to say hello to goofy in the lobby.

i also made the teen recreate a photo that we take every time we're at this hotel.

heh.  it never gets old.

watching the bean and li'l d together is so cute.  they held hands and chatted about this and that as we walked along.

it was pretty crowded down there, and after a handful of texts back and forth we managed to find lilcee & co., fresh from their weeklong hawaiian vacay.

a pre-race photo.

as we finally lined up and headed towards the start line, a familiar song came on the loudspeaker that got the kids all hyped up.  gangnam style, anyone?

li'l d got to tape a segment with the run disney reporter.  i'd tried to get the bean in there too, but she hesitated and by the time he was done, the production crew was moving on.  sorry, babe.  you snooze, you lose.

time to run!  as the mad hatter looked on, the kids took off.

i tell you, man, this kid is a sprinter.  she's like speedy gonzales at these things.  she was so focused on crossing the finish line that she didn't even see minnie, goofy and pluto in front of her.

she was pretty excited to accept a finisher's medal, though.

how cute are our little runners?

after all that exercise, it was time for some brunch.  we just barely made it to our reservation back at the hotel for our character meal, where mickey was the first to greet us.

the kids were super stoked to eat and greet some old disney favorites, while the rest of us were just happy to sit down in the a/c.

ah, that disney magic.  gets us every time.

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  1. So glad you told us about this race. Had so much fun despite the kid being so cranky.


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