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Thursday, September 26, 2013

i want it all

in an effort to cut back a bit, i went through and cancelled my fun monthly subscription boxes. but when i logged into my stitch fix account, i...just couldn't. so i didn't. that notice that pops up to tell me that my shipment is on its way is seriously one of my most favorite  emails all month.

then the box magically appears on my doorstep, and i waste zero time in snatching that thing up and bringing it inside.

super lame confession: sometimes i put off cracking that thing open for a little while, just to make the fun last just that much longer. muahahahaha, i am such a dork. 

but not this month. as the bean looked on in amusement, i picked up her mickey mouse safety scissors and sliced through the shipping tape and yanked the flaps open. 

the first item was a definite winner. this cardigan is TOTALLY my style. 

please excuse the non-matching shorts i'm wearing here. i didn't feel like changing into something more suitable. just know that i know better than to actually pair them with any of this stuff.  either way, this sweater is awesome. 

i love both of the tops i got. 

this little dress is really comfy, made of lightweight knit sweater-y material. 

lastly, a necklace that i actually like. 

i think, though, that i'm gonna go in and change my profile to eliminate jewelry from my preferred items list. i have plenty of accessories due to my still-active stylist status with stella & dot, and i'd much rather receive one more piece of clothing anyway.

the carrot that stitch fix dangles in front of you is a 25%-off instant discount if you keep all five pieces from your box. this is actually the first time i've loved the whole shipment. and i have some birthday money i can use. hmmmmm.  what do you think?
i have two days to decide. help me out here. 


  1. Keep it all - super cute!

    Where is the dress from? I want it!

    1. it's from the stitch fix box i got this month :)

  2. I would keep it all. They're all really cute and look like they fit well, too. I saw a cardigan similar to yours and I was thinking about ordering it. It's adorable.

  3. I could go either way on the tops (cute but not ZOMGAMAZEBALLS, you know?) but I'd definitely keep the cardigan and that fab little dress!

    Do you mind me asking what the subscription and average item costs are? (I'm sure I could find out in like 5 seconds by Googling but, ehh. :P)

    1. the jewelry seems to range from $20-$50, depending on the item. the clothing items i've received are anywhere from $20-$125, with dresses and jeans being on the higher end. there's a $20 monthly styling fee that is credited to anything you decide to buy. the only risk is that you don't like anything in the shipment to apply the $20 to, because it doesn't get rolled over. so far, i've not had that problem :/

  4. I love that cardigan! I have a really similar one from J Crew Factory that I get compliments on every time I wear it.

  5. Great box! I'd keep it all! I love love those tops. The colors are perfect for you.

  6. I love everything! I actually think the pink shirt is cute with the shorts. What kind of cost are we talking about here, though?

    1. the tops seem to range anywhere from $25-$60, depending on the style. pretty comparable to, say, nordstrom or modcloth.


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