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Thursday, May 22, 2014

heroes in a half shell

i love that so many toys and characters from the 80s are totally cool again. my little pony? teenage mutant ninja turtles? strawberry shortcake? it's like i'm 10 again. 

i did TMNT-themed cookies for my friend mommybelle last year, but they were simpler - pizzas to represent the turtles' favorite food. this time, when i was asked for cookies with a turtles theme, i went all out.

not wanting to buy a special cutter, i went on a hunt through my stash and came up with these:

those peeps ears would be perfect to create the turtles' masks. here's what the cut dough looked like:

after perusing some other ideas via google images, i got my black icing out and started the outline. 

with the bean's help, i achieved the perfect green for the face and started filling it in. 

the rest of it was super easy after that. i filled in the masks using the TMNT's four different colors and their eyes, added a few more details, and voila:

they looked great all wrapped up and tied with matching ribbons. 

turtle ninjas. so funny!


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