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Monday, May 19, 2014

working that kindergarten class

it's amazing to me how quickly the school year has flown by.  open house was last week, and the kids all loved the chance to show off all of their hard work to their families.  the bean, of course, was no exception.

i love all of the silly pictures they take.

the list of random things that the teacher had asked us to provide back in the beginning of the year finally started making sense.  like this t-shirt:

taking a closer look at it, you'll see that the iron-ons were all completely customized.  the bean told us that they'd colored the balloons themselves, and their little heads are photoshopped in.

it amazes me that this stuff is kindergarten-level now.  when i was that age, all we did was learn our letters, color and play.

plus, she was so excited to come home last week and tell us about how they'd been tested on their reading skills.  "mommy, the lady said that i read at SECOND GRADE LEVEL!  remember, i'm only in kindergarten."  ha - as if i could forget.  but really though, that's pretty awesome.  we're all super proud of her.

this also cracks me up - i love the "illustrate the sentence" worksheets.

now i'm working on getting her signed up for summer school, gymnastics camp and swim lessons.  between all that plus her regular weekly activities, she's going to be one busy girl this summer.

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