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Thursday, May 8, 2014


the teen is very, very attached to her hair.  she loves to keep it as long as she can grow it, and goes for months and months between visits to the salon for anything.

so when she asked me to take her for a trim, i was pretty surprised - and pleased.  going that long without snipping off even a millimeter usually results in really dead, crunchy-looking ends.  and because she'd mentioned it awhile ago, i hit up living social for a deal on a cut and ombré color package i'd seen while perusing the site.  and because it happened to also be time for me to go in for a chop, i scooped one up for me too.  i'd been wanting to go short again, so this was my shot.

after dropping the bean off at school, we hopped into the carpool lane to head out to the salon in sierra madre.

since her hair is way longer than mine, i figured it would be better for her to go first.  she and our stylist sat and discussed what her expectations were, and then got down to business.

i decided to take a walk across the street to grab coffee and snapped a "before" selfie.

when i got back, the first part of her transformation was complete.

then she sat patiently while she had chunks of hair painted and wrapped in foil.  she has so much hair, it seemed to take forever.  and then finally it was my turn.  because i didn't really have a ton of hair to begin with, it didn't take long before my cut was done and had my own set of foils on.

the teen peeked at hers while i sat under the dryer, and the strands had lightened considerably.

after it had been washed, treated with toner, dried, and twirled with a large-barrel curling iron, here's what she had:

i personally thought it was really pretty, but when she threw it up in a bun while my own 'do was finished off, i knew she wasn't satisfied with the results.  my kid is super picky and very hard to please when it comes to her hair.

in direct contrast, i was fairly happy with what i ended up with.  while my own "ombré" looked more like highlights, i love the cut.  it's nice to have short hair again, especially since it cuts my blowdrying time to less than half.

perfect for summer.  yay for new hair!

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