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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

this baker's dozen

so you know i've been a big fan of stitch fix for some time now.  i love the idea of someone doing the shopping for me, picking out items to send me a fun surprise once a month.  and it's really done a great job of enhancing my wardrobe, adding pieces i wouldn't normally have picked up on my own.

but to be perfectly honest, the prices are a little steep for what you get if you choose just a couple of pieces out of each fix.  a lot of the things i've received are items i could easily find at old navy/gap/insert easily accessible store here, and for less than what stitch fix charges.  i know you're paying a premium for the service on top of the cost of the actual items, and the 25% discount if you buy the whole box makes it okay.  i mean, on average, you can keep all five pieces for about $200 - which is really pretty reasonable if you ask me.

i decided to try going back to the days of operation downsize somewhat - attempting to cut back on some of the expenses that truly aren't necessary.  and so along with discontinuing a bunch of magazine subscriptions and removing the gel manicure, i went into my stitch fix profile and cancelled the automatic monthly fix.  of course, i didn't time it right and couldn't stop one final shipment from coming my way.  oh, well.  i asked for less long-sleeved, cool-weather pieces and i got 'em - fix #12 arrived this weekend:

a floaty chiffon sleeveless dress from stitch fix's house brand, 41hawthorn, $68.  not bad, not great - just...meh.

i wouldn't have looked twice at a white denim jacket, but as i tried it on i realized it could be a pretty versatile piece to have on hand for summer evenings out.  this one is by a brand called just usa (i know, me either), $58.  i can easily find this at old navy or gap, who always have some sort of promo or sale going on, for half that.

i haven't thrown on a maxi dress in awhile, although when i put this one on it reminded me why i loved them in the first place.  they're cute, comfy, hide lots of issues, and can be worn for just about any occasion.  i liked the cut of this one - can be worn with a regular bra and the multicolored chevron print is fun.  but i balked at the $78 price tag, and decided to pass.

i love a nice dressy-ish tank, and this one even went with the loud ass hot pink shorts i was wearing at the time.  it was just a touch snug though, and for $58 i figured i could do better.

i forgot to take a picture of the piece i ended up liking most and keeping, but i ended up throwing it on with a pair of shorts and sandals on mother's day.  it's a sheer embroidered top layered atop a basic cami, and it's light and airy.  love it.

thanks for the fun, stitch fix stylists.  maybe we'll meet again when the season changes, when i'll need to beef up the fall wardrobe a bit.  we'll see.

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  1. You look so cute in everything! But I totally agree with you about finding dupes at old navy. I only kept one piece last time so I didn't lose my styling credit but usually they send me such $ stuff even if I love it I can't justify the cost. Like a $175 maxi dress which I found a dupe of online and proceeded to order 2 that were still half that price combined. Its still fun to open that box of surprises but Im not loving the quality lately or the fact that its the same as some of my friends. Well for $20 what can ya expect?


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