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Thursday, May 1, 2014

feed me, babe('s)

we've now been to see the ILs in texas three times.  we are endlessly amused at the idea of ordering BBQ'd meats by the pound (plus sides) from a place that doubles as a gas station, but we somehow managed to skip that this time around.  instead, we headed to my personal favorite restaurant in the area (well, aside from cracker barrel, but that's another story) - babe's for fried chicken.

she loved sitting in this thing while we waited for a table.

those texans sure do love their flag.  pretty much everywhere we go, it's plastered up somewhere.

i told the hub that we should gut our kitchen and line one wall with these old-timey refrigerators.  i was really only half kidding.

in an attempt to even things out a bit, i spooned out a serving of salad onto my plate.  of course, i ruined it by grabbing a freshly baked biscuit, splitting it and then slathering it with butter and honey.  hey, whatever.  i worked out that morning.

along with this mountain of delicious, juicy, hot fried chicken came some delicious sides - corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the yummiest bowl of green beans on the face of the planet.  i could've eaten a whole bowl of those things all by myself.  i'm pretty sure they're cooked with bacon grease...'nuff said, right?  seriously, those green beans were like crack.

we took home a big ol' bag full of leftover chicken.  i'm currently kicking myself for not grubbing down on some of it before we left texas.  i mean, it'll probably be a whole year till i get to taste that deliciousness again.  boo.

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