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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

eye see animals!

our next adventure in dallas was a family outing somewhere super fun:

our visit was well-timed, too.

the bean was out-of-her-mind excited.  she loves zoos and aquariums and all things animal related.  i couldn't even keep up with her as she bounced around from one exhibit to the next.  it was really cute to watch her.  she was mesmerized at the anteater, who wasn't really doing anything but sloshing in the water, pacing from one end to the other.

the icky, humid dallas weather is perfect for a rainforest-style exhibit.  and to add to the stickiness, they had misters going in there.  my hair looked GREAT.  but it was pretty neat in there.

see the giant manatee in the water down there?

hello, toucan sam.

i saw this sign long before i realized that there were two just hanging out right over my head.

we had lunch in the cafe.  i went with the enchiladas...which turned out not to be the greatest choice i could've made.

on our way to see the rest of what there was to see, we saw this guy just kicking it.

and there was some...action going on above our heads.  you get yours, monkeys.  get it good.

i got the heebie-jeebies just at the sight of this sign.  no, thanks.

have you ever seen polka-dotted rays before?  we hadn't either...till now.

below ground, we got to spend some quality time with lots of creatures.

the tunnel with the sharks swimming overhead was a big hit.  i could've sat there and watched them for hours.

this guy apparently felt the same way about us.  he parked himself directly above us and hung out there for a long time.  that face haunts me in my sleep.

i asked him how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, but he just stared at me like i was crazy.

on our way out...

and then as we got back in the car to head back home, something caught our eye.

always watching...always watching.

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