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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

missed it by THAT much

so i know that others haven't been in love with their stitch fix shipments lately, but i'm still really enjoying the monthly surprise boxes.  i get a kick out of seeing what they've chosen for me, and while there are definitely misses, there are quite a few hits too.

for fix #11 (i think...i've totally lost count), i was pretty happy with the styles that they sent.  at first glance, i thought the whole box would be full of win, but then there was at least one piece that was a complete and total dealbreaker.  

this mixed-material sweater looked promising.  it was lightweight and in fun, spring-y colors that i figured would work for the coming months.  except that when i tried it on, well...i didn't love it after all.

i paired it with the soft pink skinny jeans that also arrived.  these looked like they'd work too - great color, nice stretch, even the perfect length for this shorty.  anything labeled "ankle length" typically works for me.

too bad i ended up looking squatty and dumpy after all.  hello, thunder thighs!  boo.

this striped top was right up my alley.  good neutral colors, nice cut, soft fabric.  i did like it, but for the price ($58ish), i knew i could find something similar for a whole lot less cash.  meh.

i liked this dress instantly.  i loved the color, style, everything.  even the bean "ooh"-ed when she saw it.

too bad for me, though.  i put it on and it was really big.  like, i was swimming in the damn thing.  i figured i could alter it to make it fit right, but the teen shook her head.  "you shouldn't have to fix it for what it costs."  and she was right.  hard pass.

but the last piece - this one's a winner.  nice shape, lovely fabric, fun stripes, and pretty lace accent on the skirt.  this right here was the keeper.

when i went to do the online checkout before mailing back the unwanted items, i made sure to add a note requesting more spring/summer-y items for future fixes.  with the warm months coming up pretty quickly, i don't want any more long-sleeved tops, jeans, or sweaters.  let's hope they actually pay attention.

guess we'll see in about a month.

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  1. Long time reader, first time commenter, love your blog!
    Just a heads up - that last striped dress that you kept has uneven patter alignment at the seam in the waist. The stripes look straight up top and then they get kinda diagonal at your waist.
    I used to love Stitch Fix, but my past 4 shipments have been complete failures!


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