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Friday, April 18, 2014

so i peep, yeah...

a few weeks ago, i came across a super cute set of cookie cutters at michaels:

i had absolutely no need for them, but i had to. i mean, duh. i figured it wouldn't hurt to add them to my (ever-growing, verging on ridiculous) cutter collection. after all, i had plenty of space in my "easter" box. heh. 

and then last week i realized that easter was almost here and i never got the chance to play with them. so sad. i lamented the lost opportunity via twitter, and a little while later my whining paid off. my friend kelley took one for the team and asked me to make some treats to serve at her family gathering. yesssssss. 

i managed to scrounge up containers of sanding sugar in my pantry in the exact colors i wanted to use...plus matching ribbon in my stash. 

pretty, right? so very spring-y and easter-y. 

so i've been doing this cookie thing for so long now that i've got it down to a science. the recipe has long since been engraved on my brain, so making the dough/rolling and cutting it out/baking the shapes is a snap. with only two dozen to make, i was ready to start decorating in about an hour. 

first, outlining and then flooding the cookies:

while the icing was still wet, i grabbed the sanding sugar and sprinkled the entire surface with it. and to ensure complete coverage, i poured on tons of extra. as i continued working, i shook off the excess onto the next cookie. 

and so on and so on until every last cookie was done. the next step was to do a quick outline for definition and add the little eyes and nose with brown icing. 

i try not to toot my own horn (at least, not super loudly), but i have to say, these turned out really cute. especially when placed in the bean's easter basket:

hope you have a wonderful easter!


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