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Thursday, April 24, 2014

just plane fun

seems like it's become a tradition for us to head to the lone star state to spend easter with the ILs. now, while texas isn't particularly my favorite place to be, it's always fun to go and hang out with the ILs. and since the grandparents moved out there too, we hadn't seen them in a year. we were all looking forward to checking out their new house, which they'd finally gotten to move into around christmastime.

the bean was, as always, super excited to get onto a plane and go to texas. like her mother, she loves to travel. 

yay for in-flight wifi!

what do you do when you're settled in your seats? take selfies, duh. 

when we were safely in the air at a cruising altitude, the bean busted out her backpack for something to do. the teen and i had packed it full of fun new stuff, which she happily dug into. 

one of the flight attendants stopped with the first-class tray of warm, fresh cookies and offered her one. 

(yes, she did share it with us)

eventually, she got tired of reading and games and movies and even snacks and stretched out to rest a little. 

three hours on an airplane is perfect. just enough time to watch a movie, have a snack, maybe a little nap. 

then it's time for some texas fun, y'all!  yee-haw. 

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