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Monday, April 14, 2014

no camera shyness here

this kid, i swear.  after her school's fashion show to introduce the new uniforms for next year was over, she didn't hesitate to hop up on stage to work the runway.

they had a school spirit day to mirror the junior high's sock hop, and i managed to get my paws on the very last poodle appliqué at joann's to make her this:

she's still doing a great job at dance class, too.

i keep wanting to get her into voice lessons, just for fun.  i mean, she's no adele dazeem or anything, but she loves to sing and i think it'd be a blast for her to give it a try.  she never hesitates to belt it out whenever a good song comes on.

or drop into a pose regardless of where she might be.

she's such a rock star.


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