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Sunday, April 20, 2014


because we could, we decided to head to disneyland to do their easter egg hunt like we did last year. i mean, why not, right?

this time around, there was an egg hunt available at both parks. but since it was less crowded on the california adventure side, that's where we headed. 

as we went through the gate, i noticed something that sounded interesting:

we've seen previews for this movie for months and are excited to see it, so we decided to check it out later on. but first:

for $5, we bought our copy of the egg hunt map and stickers. you don't actually have to do the activity - if you buy the map before they run out, you're guaranteed a prize. but what fun is that? 

since the game is over, it's totally cool for me to show you where all the eggs were. 

high up in the carthay circle tower:

in the hollywood studios area:

cars land yielded two more. 

this was right across from the boudin sourdough bread bakery exhibit. gave us the perfect excuse to run in for a free bread sample, heh. 

making progress:

i love this area. it's always so picturesque. 

more eggs. 

photo op!

across the lake, at the currently-closed little mermaid attraction, we found another. 

it was starting to get dark, so we scurried to find the rest of the eggs. 

all done!

we headed back to the shop where we'd bought the map to get the bean her prize. 

while the teen and i were completely unimpressed with the super lame "prize," the bean thought it was really cute and loved it. 

a simple plastic egg decorated like chip (or dale? i always get them mixed up) that didn't even have a piece of pity candy inside. oh well. on to...

we were each given a cool hat to wear, and two of us wasted no time in putting ours on:

the bean, a little skittish about what to expect, wasn't into it at all. she didn't put her hat on until the preview was safely over. 

silly little witch. 

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