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Friday, April 11, 2014

now i've heard it all

being asked to make cookies to go with a theme i haven't worked with before is always a fun challenge. here, favors for a first birthday party using the movie "up" as inspiration:

as i was working on this set, the bean wandered over to check them out. 

"who are those men, mommy?" she asked. 

"well, there was this really popular band a long time ago called the beatles," i began to explain. 

her face lit up with recognition. "oh! i know who that is! beatles love!" she said. 

i was super surprised (as i often am by this kid) and asked her where she'd heard of them. 

"from AMC first look, when they show the commercials before we see a new movie! remember, mommy?" 

this kid, man. clearly we've been to the movies a lot lately. sheesh. 

these were for her former cheer coach at school, who moved on to substitute teaching this year and just celebrated her graduation. 

and then these little morsels were placed in the VIP goody bags for the hollywood half's afterparty. not my best work ever, but i busted out 50 of these things right after last week's emergency root canal. 

i figured what they lacked in design, they made up for in taste. it all evens out, right?

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