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Friday, May 2, 2014


like a lot of kids do, the bean loves to go to the park.  and while we were in texas, we managed to hit up a couple of fun ones that kept her busy and happy for hours.

klyde warren park is relatively new, and is right across the street from the dallas museum of art.  oh, and it was built right on top of a freeway. kind of random.  and since we were there in the middle of the week, it was pretty quiet.  there's a fun waterplay area there, though, and since it was pretty hot, the bean went to town and got soaked to the skin.

when she'd had enough (or, rather, when we were over it), we managed to tear her away by offering up a cold, icy treat.  like her mother, snacks are the best way to get her to do something she wouldn't normally volunteer to.

we also returned to the park where i'd done my boston marathon virtual 5K.  i knew she would love playing on the equipment there, and we all had a blast.

one day, we hit up this place:

this joint was 35,000 square feet of fun for all - arcade games, bowling, miniature golf, laser tag, billiards...you get it.  we all got one of these, which gave us all access to pretty much the whole place:

we played team air hockey:

did a little putt-putt:

threw in some faux bowling:

and had a blast with the video games.

i can only imagine how crowded this place must get on the weekends, but that day we practically had it all to ourselves.  the hub and i shot hoops and threw footballs, we did a little skee-ball, and it was really fun to just hang out and play.  when we'd spent all of the credits on our cards, we handed them to the bean and followed her here:

where she got to browse and pick out prizes worth up to 900 tickets.

between the airplane ride, staying at grandma and grandpa's house for a whole week, and all of the activities we did, i'd say the bean had a pretty darn good spring break.  and it wasn't even over yet!

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