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Monday, July 14, 2014

everything is awesome

it always surprises me how long it takes for someone to ask me to make cookies using a theme that's super popular.  like, i didn't make "frozen"-themed cookies until around may - and that movie came out last november.  same goes with the lego movie - it came out in february, but nobody hit me up for those cookies until just this last week.  

i perused a bunch of different designs via google and pinterest, even found a set on pinterest for $72 (SEVENTY-TWO DOLLARS.  for a dozen freaking cookies. that shit cray).  i even gave in and bought the bean a giant sticker book that she begged me for, just so i could use it for "research."  and luckily, i really only needed to make a dozen and a half of three characters - emmett, wyld style/lucy, and unikitty.

i posted step one on social media to see if anyone could figure out what i was working on:

(a few people got it right, by the way)

the thing that makes me crazy is how long it takes me to get a couple dozen cookies done - from making the dough, cutting it out, baking the cookies, mixing up and tinting all of the icing, decorating, drying overnight, and then finally bagging them up for delivery.  and when you consider the fact that i'm constantly having to stop what i'm doing to do other life stuff - picking up the bean, taking her to activities, making dinner, getting her to bed, etc. - this shit takes HOURS to complete.  

but it's worth it in the end.  i'm actually really proud of how these turned out:

oh - the other half-dozen were graduate face cookies.  it was fun to work on a girl for these this time around.

yes, i know - she totally looks like she got some crazy collagen lip injections.  I KNOW.  but i wanted her to have some pretty lipstick on.  oh, well.  she still looks good, right?

just nod and smile.  thanks.

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