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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

we're gonna sco-o-ore tonight

i love scoring a great deal for stuff i would have had to pay full price for.  i mean, who doesn't, right?

a couple of weeks ago, i picked up my sunglasses and one of the little nose pad thingies snapped right off into my hand.

i was SO BUMMED.  i'd had those sunglasses for like three years - they had pink detailing on the arms and were by juicy couture (which, sadly, just shut down all of their retail stores and apparently will now only be found at kohl's).  i figured i was screwed and would have to suck it up and cough up the cash to finally upgrade to the ray ban aviators i'd been eyeing for months.

but then i happened to be browsing through nordstrom rack and whaddaya know...i passed by a full display of sunglasses at super deep discount prices.  the first pair that caught my eye happened to be the same pair of juicy sunnies i was still wearing despite the wire that pierced the top of my nose whenever i put 'em on.  except that they were really weird - they had clear lenses that didn't offer any kind of protection from the bright sun.  plus, i like to hide behind my sunglasses sometimes, like when there's some awesome peoplewatching around.

shut up, you know you do that shit too.

and then there they were.  the same exact pair as mine, pink arms and all - two shades, even.  and the best part?  only $30!  oh man, was i a happy camper.

you can't tell from that picture, but i was desperately in need of a cut and color.  and while i'm usually cool with covering my grays myself, i figured i could find a deal via groupon or living social to do both.  i mean, box color is fine and all, but it's always nice to sit back in a stylist's chair and let someone else do the work, am i right?

it didn't take a lot of searching to find an offering from a local salon that i was somewhat familiar with.  i wanted to go a little shorter, add a few more layers, and just freshen up the 'do a little.  and since i wasn't looking for anything super complicated, i was okay with going to whoever was available on the day i was open to do it.  i mean, if you've got enough experience to work in a fairly nice salon, you can't fuck up a basic bob cut.  at least, that's what i figure.

my stylist was friendly and bubbly and fun to talk to, which is always a good thing.  she examined my hair to pick out a color, and when she disappeared to mix it up i snapped a quick "before" shot.

while i would've been totally okay with going a little shorter, she seemed to be hesitant about it.  i wasn't exactly sure why, but i figure it's better to have a little extra length than chop off too much and end up being pissed off.  you can always cut off, but you can't put any back on, yes?  and so this is what i look like now:

those quasi-ombre highlights have grown out some, and i actually like how my color looks now.  at least, it'll last until the fall when i decide to go back to dark and dye over it again.

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