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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

parade, poop, pictures

4th of july 2014 started out much like 4th of july 2013...at la verne's annual parade.

aside from the bean and the hub's partner's little boy, henry here served as the official lordsburg cigar co. mascot for the day.

i dig the official parade vehicle.  super cool, right?

even our donuts were celebrating.

what's a parade without candy?  and flyers for the upcoming car show, of course.

and a couple of selfies for good measure.

it was a good ten-plus degrees cooler in the shade.  ugh, SO hot.

the bean got to sit in the driver's seat of a fire truck for about five seconds.

the people behind us in the parade were dressed in some crazy patriotic get-ups, and one lady inexplicably wore a pirate ship on her head.  i mean, hey...why not, right?  i guess.

i started off walking behind the truck, handing out flyers to the folks watching the parade from their comfy chairs on the sidewalk.

didn't take long for me to hop up onto the truck to take a ride, though.  it was fun gliding through the route, waving and calling out "happy 4th of july!" happily to everyone.

i don't think any large public gathering ever gets away without at least one of these, do you?

although these guys were a surprise.  who knew storm troopers even know where la verne WAS?

well, poop.

and then it was over.

after some lunch, a round of showers, and a nap for everybody, we headed down to the beach to escape the heat and grab some delicious dinner.

then we hung out on the pier for a while, hoping to catch a decent view of the fireworks shows visible up and down the coast.

to pass the time, we went through a few different configurations of group photos.

of course, balboa pier turned out not to be a happening kinda place for fireworks.  we saw quite a few different shows going on, but our view was horribly obstructed.  luckily, the bean wasn't too disappointed since we'd gone to disneyland the night before to watch their patriotic pyrotechnics (say that five times fast).  and she was even less disappointed once she saw our last stop of the night:

because, i mean, ICE CREAM.

the end.

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