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Friday, October 17, 2014

hindsight is 20/20

what do you get someone who just got a boob job?  well, i suppose lots of things could work.  but my friend opted to have me do these:

they were super fun to do, especially since i'd invested in a bra-shaped cutter.  the last time, i'd totally had to macgyver it with a cutter for sunglasses.  while it turned out fine, this was a bazillion times easier.

i also finally got to work on a set of bridal shower cookies that i'd put on my calendar months ago.  i had dark blue, lace, rings, and red lips ("muah" to single life, get it?) to work with, and so here's what i came up with.

i hope they like them.  i'd had the cutter for those lips since just after valentine's day and i was happy to finally have a use for them.

just like the mason jar cutter i've been holding onto for ages.  my friend asked me to do something for her daughter's shabby chic-themed birthday party, and while hindsight tells me that the colors ended up too bright, i still think they turned out pretty cute:

that's what i get for tinting frosting at night.  if i get a second shot at a similar theme, the colors will be a lot lighter.  maybe i'd find a way to vintage it up a little with some strategically placed white frosting.  huh.

oh!  check out what arrived in the mail!  it's kind of funny to receive something like this just randomly in a plain white envelope:

rather unceremonious, but that's okay.  i'm still excited to add it to my collection!

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