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Thursday, October 16, 2014

i've got the power

remember back in june when the bean took that intro to girl scouts workshop?  yeah...so a couple of days ago i drove out here to meet up with another mom in our proposed daisy troop:

and then we proceeded to spend three hours doing this:

oh yes.  who has two thumbs and is now a co-troop leader?  this girl.  muahahahaha.

although it sounded like a super long time to be talking about girl scouts and meetings and troop duties and forms and and and...it actually went by fairly quickly.  it was fun to learn all about what would be expected of us, and how we'd be conducting our meetings and what kinds of things the girls would get to do.  i left the conference room full of excitement about what scouting could bring to the bean's (and my) life, and of course the next stop was the girl scout store - oh so conveniently located just down the hall.

like, how fun does all this stuff look?

there's a section just for daisies - the youngest group in the girl scout organization.  kindergarten through first grade, which means the bean will only be a daisy for one year.

my co-leader and i each picked up the starter kit, which contains all of the most basic items that the bean will need for this year of scouting.  and when we got home, i had her try on her tunic and recite the girl scout pledge and law that she'll be memorizing over the next few months.

it's going to be a lot of work - i have two meetings scheduled next week, and that's even before we get to meet with the prospective members' parents.  but i think we're going to have a blast, and super manageable with her current schedule.  at minimum we'll meet once a month, but in reality we'll likely get together every other week.  i've already finagled our meeting day to be on fridays, our least busy day and the one that i can be lax about bedtime.

ah, control.  this is why i cracked and consented to be a co-leader.  most excellent.

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  1. I was a scout from first through ninth grade and my mom was our troop leader all those years. She actually continued on for three more years, but I refused to go into high school as a scout. I had hidden it through junior high. LOL. You'll have a great time and create lots of memories.


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