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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

putting it off till the last minute

somehow, i managed to time things so that i had three different projects to get done for saturday.  i'd pulled a classic wan and procrastinated like mad on putting together the goody bags for the bean's cooking-themed birthday party.  doesn't matter that i'd ordered all of the supplies weeks before, and they'd all been sitting in the house still sealed in their shipping boxes.  what the hell is wrong with me?  heh.

plus, i had 100 cookies to make for my friends over at xtend barre.  they had a great celebration planned for the grand opening of their new studio, and what's a celebration without cookies?  so i got right to work.  this is what a hundred cookies looks like:

they've done a bit of rebranding, switching up the logo just a bit, and i thought it would be fun to add a little sparkle to it.  white sanding sugar did the trick quite nicely.

i was sad that i couldn't attend the festivities, but at least a little part of me would be there.  haha - go get your ass kicked in class and then hey!  have a cookie!  well, one teeny-tiny treat isn't bad.  after taking that class, it's definitely earned.

it also happened to be our turn to provide the snacks at the weekly soccer game.  and because i love to complicate things for myself, during a trip to michaels for last-minute party supplies, the teen and i picked up some plain orange reusable water bottles.  they went perfectly with the team's uniforms and they were in the clearance bin for 80% off.  after our coupons, i think they ended up costing about a dime apiece.  i couldn't pass that up, right?  and while i debated personalizing them with the girls' names at first, i decided that it would make life much easier if i simply put their team name on instead.

i didn't have any adhesive vinyl or other water resistant material to use, but i got crafty and used some self-laminating material on a full sheet of labels.  is that some macgyver shit, or what?

with my trusty silhouette die-cutting machine, i managed to cut out enough labels for eight bottles.  this was perfect, since there are 9 girls including the bean.  they turned out pretty nicely, if i do say so myself.

then i used it again with some flocked heat transfer material to personalize the aprons i'd bought to give all the party attendees.  i'd ordered a dozen through oriental trading co., but with 15 total guests i'd had had to pick up another 5-pack at michaels.  i didn't realize until i opened them all that they were very different.  the first dozen were made out of much flimsier material, which i found out the hard way as i began ironing on the cut-out names.

BAH.  many four-letter words were dropped as i found myself scrambling to recreate the cutouts for the handful of aprons i had to redo.  ooh, i was so mad.  and thank god i had a few leftover aprons from last christmas, when we had our gingerbread house party.  otherwise, i'd have been screwed.  don't ever order those aprons if you're going to do anything besides hand them out as-is, people.  you've been warned.  and then finally i was done.

each bag contained an apron, a set of measuring spoons, a mini whisk, a small spatula, and a gummy pizza.

the bean appreciated my efforts and ooh'd and aah'd when she saw it all, giving me a giant hug and a thank you.  and with that, i completely forgot all of the frustration from the burnt aprons and hugged her right back.

because after all, that's what it's all about.

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  1. The favor bags were SO CUTE! Q keeps asking to bake cupcakes so she can use her mini whisk. And Nora has claimed the measuring spoons as her own. She can't resist the bold colors. :)


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