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Friday, October 10, 2014

she parties all the time

as if we hadn't had a ton of fun at the bean's party, on the very next day we got to join in celebrating nanette's daughter em's birthday.  it was a tea party at their house, and we were both excited to go and hang out with our friends.  even more awesome - we carpooled with lilcee and mini cee, making it a whole day of fun from beginning to end.

nanette had asked me to make some cookies to pass out as favors, and after a quick peek at their party goods, here's what i came up with:

on the way to meet up with our carpool buddies, we made a quick pitstop at starbucks.  do you love the bean's fancy schmancy pearls?

it was our first time visiting nanette at her home, and she'd done a fabulous job of decking out their back yard with all the tea party accoutrements.

the girls got busy right away, drawing with sidewalk chalk and customizing headbands to wear.

the birthday girl had gotten her very first salon blowout that morning, and she looked adorable.  her little face cracks me up here.

the bean loves her friend.

we took advantage of the fun photo props that were set up against the garage door.

 "look mom, i'm having some tea."

although the tea sandwiches were beyond cute:

the bean embraced her half-filipina heritage by gorging on some delicious homemade lumpia and colorful puto.

while they played games - statues again, maybe? - i hung out with my new bestie heather.  we've spent a little time together before at other nanette-hosted gatherings, but this was the first time we'd really had a chance to sit down and chat for any amount of time.  she's super sweet and fun to talk to.

although it was pretty warm that day, there was a nice breeze that would kick up every few minutes or so.  while we enjoyed the bit of cooling off, it made for some difficulty in lighting the birthday candle.

"see, the wind keeps blowing the flame out," mini cee seemed to be explaining.

but birthday candles are magical, and this one stayed lit long enough for us to sing the birthday song, the birthday girl to make her wish, and then finally to blow it out.

what's better than fun, friends, and cake?  not a whole lot, let me tell ya.


  1. So glad you gals could join us! It meant a lot of have you there. xoxo

  2. What a cute party! Do you happen to know if the tea sandwiches were homemade or from a shop? They are so adorable. :)


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