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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

might as well jump. jump!

i know that ideas for cookie designs are pretty much endless, but it still amazes me when someone approaches me with a new idea to work on.  this time, it was a birthday party at a bounce house.  after  my usual google routine, i found something that looked like it would work.  bonus:  it was fairly simple.  check it out:

first, i flooded square cookies with plain white frosting as the base.  then i took the first color and drew a little rectangle in the middle:

with the next color, i added a line on top and on the bottom.

just a little off to the side went a triangle:

on the left with color number 2 went a column, and then a sliver of the top of the column on the right rear.

i picked up the the first color again to form the bottom step, and then i used the 4th color to make the "hat" on top of the first column and the base of the second column.  can you see the basic shape now?

one more time with that first color to create the illusion of the 4th column in the back:


final step - the net in the middle.

all done!  it was pretty easy, once i got the first few out of the way.  what do you think?


  1. Super cute! And way too tedious. I would never have the patience for all that work!!

    1. thanks! and haha - i guess that's why people shuffle the work off to me!

  2. That actually looks like a bounce house! Super cool!!!


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