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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

are you ready for this jelly?

the teen and i are always on the lookout for a new nail salon.  we'll find a good one, go there for a while, and then the shine will wear off and the hunt will be on for a new one again.  the service will go downhill, or one of us will get snipped by the overzealous snipping of the manicure scissors, or we'll just be bored by the color selection.  fickle, yes we are.

anyway, we discovered a really cool place that's really close to home.  it was kind of buried in a development that looked like it was either offices or apartments and we'd probably driven past it a zillion times and never noticed it.  but look at how pretty it is inside:

not to mention, this is only a portion of their polish choices - and they were organized neatly, too:

and then there was a sweet selection of current magazines to peruse.

plus, they offered something i hadn't seen at our usual places - something called a jelly pedicure.  they poured a packet of this stuff into the water:

the powder expanded into this fragrant, fluffy pool of happiness.  it felt fabulous, and i wanted to soak my whole body in it.

even better, when it was time to remove my feet from the cooled-off jelly water, i got a hot stone massage:

followed by a nice, long foot massage.

it was lovely.  a little pricier than a normal pedicure, but that's to be expected.  the teen, who'd opted out of the jelly (using me as a guinea pig instead), looked on with a tiny tinge of jealousy.  i'm pretty sure she'll be giving it a shot next time we go.

anybody else wanna come?


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