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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

genie of the laaaaaaamp!

so i've been using paypal for a really long time. like, i think my account is at least ten years old. i probably opened it back when i first discovered ebay. that was a loooooong time ago. 

anyway, when i saw them post this on twitter:

i remembered that my friend nanette had gotten lucky last time they did this and won some gift certificates to have some quality time with her BFF. so i figured, what the hell, and i posted this:

because, why not? i admit i also tried to be strategic about what to ask for by picking a retailer that i knew accepted paypal as a form of payment at checkout. i don't actually know if that helped my chances or not, but i was pretty excited when not long afterwards i received a notification that paypal had favorited that tweet. and right after that, another notification that they were now following me on twitter. 

then even more good news via direct message:

pretty awesome, right?

later in the day i checked my email and found that paypal had indeed granted my wish in the form of an e-gift card from lululemon. i thought, "sweet! how cool is that?" as i opened the email to check it out. i figured it'd probably be enough for a new top...maybe a nice new pair of pants. 

so how excited was i when i scanned through and saw this:

HOLY CRAP. this is the best genie EVER. 

they created this cute little announcement that they tweeted out:

love, love, love! and now i'm for sure a paypal customer forever and ever. after all, one of the surefire ways to win my heart is most definitely via a shopping spree...and to lululemon, no less! 

that tweet has gotten a lot of favorites and retweets, so my notifications have been blowing up. i did snicker at this one, though:

haha! people are so weird, man. 


  1. Congratulations! You are a woman after my own heart- I LOVE me a contest! So glad you won!

  2. Holy balls! That's AMAZING! Congrats!

  3. WOW! Lucky dog!! (I actually typo'd that and it first said - lucky dong.)


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