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Thursday, November 13, 2014

where all the magic happens

my kitchen is always the center of activity in the house.  all sorts of stuff comes out of there, like this delicious roast:

actually, i suppose it rather looks like canned dog food.  huh.  but i promise, it was really tasty.  and i even broke one of my own crock potting rules - i took the time to sear the outside of the meat before tossing it into the crock pot.  i always thought doing more than dumping ingredients in, turning it on and leaving it for hours was lame, but this roast was yummy and ended up being worth the five minutes' extra effort.  i've got another one in the freezer, so i'm imagining a repeat sometime soon.

the bean turns out some tasty treats in the kitchen too, with her trusty easy bake oven.  this time, it was mini (and i do mean mini!) red velvet cupcakes.

she's always so stinking proud of herself when it's done.  i totally remember puffing up with pride whenever i managed to turn out a decent batch of microwaved scrambled eggs when i was about 7.  heh.

speaking of the bean, i've got her hooked on spam and eggs.

turn up your nose at it if you will, but damn that shit is delicious. slice it thin, fry it till the outsides are a little crispy, eat with scrambled eggs and ketchup.  i will take that plate any day of the week, man.

and of course, there are cookies.  always cookies.  some of them will look familiar:

but there are always new designs too.

i actually have no cookie requests on the horizon until late december.  huh.  i kind of miss my bags of frosting already.

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  1. I like my spam crisped up like bacon, and for some reason it tastes best when eaten while camping. :-)


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