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Monday, November 10, 2014

celebrating life

it was a weekend full of family gatherings to celebrate the long, full life of g-wan.

there were lots of flowers, including this lovely arrangement from some of brother wan's friends.

i'm not sure whether it was due to having been sick for a few days or the emotional overload, but there were also lots of naps.

forest lawn in hollywood hills is lovely.  for obvious reasons, i didn't take many pictures.

there was lots of daddy time.

and with the heaviest, hardest portion of the weekend behind us, we enjoyed a nice breakfast with extended family that we don't see often.  and there was some silliness.

later, there was some quality time with grandma that involved some pampering and relaxation.  after all, it is tough to be seven.

and now all her digits are ready for the next holiday.

we'll be saying goodbye to the ILs today, and to brother wan tomorrow.   we'll all celebrate thanksgiving spread across the country, but in a mere six weeks will come together again for christmas.

SIX WEEKS, PEOPLE.  holy cow.

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