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Thursday, November 20, 2014

it's okay to do christmas early at disneyland

remember a few months ago, when delovely details invited the teen and me to join them as guests at their annual passholder anniversary party at disneyland?  we received an invitation for our own party, and so we registered them as our guests.  we were excited to check it out, since it's already all decked out for the holidays.

happily, we experienced no difficulties in getting in.  although that could have been because we got there a couple of hours before the official start of the party.  we checked in here and received our blue wristbands.

since the party was on the disneyland side, we decided to enter california adventure and head towards cars land to grab something to eat at the cozy cone.

because we had heard about this:

i was a very happy camper indeed.  that's a bread cone filled with gooey mac & cheese and topped with bacon.  gimme allllll the carbs.

stuffed and happy, we decided to blow that popsicle stand and head over to check out the party at disneyland.  and our timing was just right, because we noticed that hordes of folks were gathered in main street for...something.  being a tuesday night, the crowds weren't gigantic, and so we stopped to see what was happening.

a few minutes later, we got our answer.

and because it was the special holiday edition of their fireworks show, when the pyrotechnics were done, it snowed.

because the majority of folks weren't there for the AP party, we found ourselves swimming upstream as they all headed towards the exit while we scampered towards tomorrowland for our favorite ride:

cast members at several points checked for wristbands, turning away those who tried to squeak by.  we just cruised right on through, walking all the way into the ride and screaming our heads off less than ten minutes later.

i was a little sad that we were too late to meet baymax from "big hero 6," but that's okay.  we didn't want to do that without the bean anyway.

i settled for this instead (no, i didn't buy one, just borrowed it for a second).

matterhorn had zero line.  we literally walked right onto the ride - on both sides.  yay!

the vast majority of parkgoers were in the back of the park, at the beautifully lit-up "it's a small world."

the line at big thunder mountain looked a lot longer than it actually was.  it moved really quickly, and the teen and i both wondered why they couldn't make it move that fast during regular park hours.

castle photos!  i love sleeping beauty's castle anyway, but during the holidays it's extra magical.

funny enough, the line at the starbucks on main street was probably the longest one we waited in all night.

the array of holiday treats was tempting, but we resisted.

this was good enough for us.

the parade was about to start as we were guzzling our coffee, so we sat down and watched.  because why not?  i mean, who doesn't love elsa...

or aurora...

and we shouted "happy birthday" to mickey as he passed by.  he didn't seem to hear us, but he IS 86 now.  he's an old dude.

SANTA!  i know him!

the teen decided to try something new and rubbed the lamp to hear what her future has in store.

(it was a waste of $.50, by the way.  don't do that)

the last ride of the night was indiana jones.  by then, we were toast.  the caffeine didn't quite kick in, and the party was almost over anyway.  we did stop in front of the tree on main street, though.

we received a parting gift on the way out - christmas ornaments in red and green with the annual passholder logo on them.  nothing special, and i don't even have a picture of it.  sorry.

i somehow missed the registration for another special disneyland meet-up next week, but that's okay.  i'm sure there will be more, and with the 60th anniversary in 2015, there will be lots of disneyland excitement to come.

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